Wendy E. Slater

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Wendy E. Slater
(United States)

After a twenty-year hiatus from writing poetry, Wendy E. Slater composed 20 volumes of spiritually inspired poetry, which began in 2001 during a mystical sojourn to Scotland.

Her poetry reflects deeply on both the hidden and revealed relationship of nature, the cosmos, humanity and the healing of archetypes both esoteric and known, in the individual and collective psyche.

Her poetic formulas are both wisdom and method; a sharing of words that open doors for readers and invite them on their own spiritual journey of awakening and healing.

As founder and creator of TRADUKA, Slater has devoted her life to honing and distilling Traduka Wisdom into method and applications for the public. She combines her own experience and wisdom of self-healing with her unique blend of clinical background, education, training, hands-on healing, intuitive insight, chemical alchemy and healing poetry together, for unique solutions to healing the inner self.

She began working with clients at age 32 and as of 2018, have over 20 years of experience.

To know more about TRADUKA and the author, visit www.traduka.com
Connect on Twitter: @WendyESlater