The Conversation: James Cartwright Book 5
First Edition

The Conversation: James Cartwright Book 5

First Edition

Oliver Dean Spencer (Writer)

In this thrilling new series, by International Mystery Crime Author, Oliver Dean Spencer, former Detroit detective turned P.I. James Cartwright is drawn into the world of corporate espionage, misdirection and murder.

THE CONVERSATION is the 5th in a collection featuring James Cartwright, a private investigator who plies his trade on the backstreets of Detroit.

Cartwright is cynical, resourceful and tough. He lives by a moral code, one which he believes helps him distinguish right from wrong, fact from fiction, truth from lies. But as Cartwright discovers during each of his cases, it's one thing to believe in the code, and quite another to live by it.

In THE CONVERSATION, Cartwright is contacted by Albert
Martin, a surveillance expert hired by the military contractor Consolidated Enterprises to look into certain irregularities. But when Martin suddenly goes missing, Cartwright suspects Martin’s wife until he gets an unexpected visit by two government spooks. They’re also looking for Martin, whom they believe has in his possession, a highly sensitive and incriminating file. Two murders later, Cartwright races against time hoping to prevent a third by tracking down the missing file and deciphering its secrets.

THE CONVERSATION is brimming with deceit, betrayal, and corruption. It's like a bare-knuckled whodunit mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat, trying to solve the case ahead of Cartwright.

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