Short Stories


The Darlington Substitution (Chapter 5)

15th March 2018
By Mel Small
Chapter 5: With Sherlock Holmes` investigation gathering pace, he and Watson head to the Southern Cross for a meeting with Holmes` old pub quiz nemisis, Mick Richardson.

The Darlington Substitution (Chapter 4)

5th March 2018
By Mel Small
Chapter 4: It's the day of Watson radio interview broadcast, but before BBC Radio propels him to superstardom he has to negotiate a book signing at WHS Teesside Park.

The Darlington Substitution (Chapter 3)

27th February 2018
By Mel Small
Chapter 3: It's Watson's big day and he heads to Broadcasting House for his interview with BBC Radio Tees. Can he grasp the opportunity and kick on his career as a writer to the next level?

The Darlington Substitution (Chapter 2)

20th February 2018
By Mel Small
Chapter 2: With Watson ebullient at his forthcoming appearence on the radio he hopes his friend, Sherlock Holmes, will join him. No chance. However, there is something to pique Holmes' interest...

The Darlington Substitution (Chapter 1)

14th February 2018
By Mel Small
Chapter 1: With Doctor Watson's literary career starting to take off, a chance meeting with a fellow author in O’Connell's gives him an idea on how to get his work in front of a whole new audience.

What’s in a Name?

25th December 2017
By Mel Small
Joe and his pregnant wife, Mary, face a race against time to ensure their first born child is born in the promised land.

Elves of Myst: Festivity

18th December 2017
By Fiona Jeeves
A short story, from the magicians of Myst

What are Short Stories About?

10th June 2017
By Indipenned
Indipenned short stories help indie writers to demonstrate their work and build a following in the independent publishing world.  Short stories can be single postings or weekly serialisations