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A Halloween treat, less calories than sweets.

13th September 2019
(Blog Posting)

Halloween Treat Coming Soon


I am so excited to share my latest news, 'Young Ebenezer ~ Confronts the School Bully' is to be released soon, the aim is for October 1st 2019. The book is a delight for the young and the young at heart. A lovely lyrical read to share with the whole family.  Following on from the Christmas book young Eb and his best friend Rory are off out on their first 'Trick or Treat' night. They are really excited, alas there is always someone around to spoil the night. That person is the school bully and he goes by the name of - Jacob Marley.

Eb is going to confront the bully, but he will not be doing it by himself. In this book we see the return of Grandfather Time - the family's ancient clock bestowed with magic. He will then call forth his friends the Grim Reaper, and also from the past a little golden-red King Charles spaniel named - Miss Ruby Heart.

Will this unlikely trio be able to teach Jacob the error of his ways? Or will the boy be doomed to become a criminal, just like his father?

For more info, and a sneak peek of a few of the verses visit my website HERE

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Rose English
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Rose also has a little friend called Miss Ruby Heart a ruby King Charles Spaniel who reviews Children’s Books. /RoseEnglish.UK.Author / /RoseEnglishUK