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Holmes: The Darlington Substitution Blog Tour

16th March 2018

*** You can now buy The Darlington Substitution on Kindle or paperback ***

The Darlington Substitution blog tour has come to a close and it has been fantastic. The tour has exceeded our expectations by so far that if we were to look back and shout “oy expectations” they wouldn’t hear us.

Holmes: The Darlington Substitution by Melvyn SmallA million and one thanks to all those who took part.  Apparently, this foul-mouthed, wise-cracking version of Sherlock Holmes is an entertaining little chap… and funny with it.

Here’s a round up of some of the kind comments the novella received...

Brook Cottage Books

“An interesting and enjoyable take on one of my favourite classics.”

Books Life and Everything

“An engaging, humorous and cleverly written mystery.”

Short Book and Scribes

“I read this novella really quickly, partly because it’s short and partly because it’s so good. It completely exceeded my expectations and it frequently made me smile or laugh.”

The Book Witch

“Not your normal run of the mill detective story. Loved the humour in it, had me giggling to myself a few times.”

Whispering Stories

“Melvyn Small’s writing is superb.”

Books from Dusk till Dawn

“I giggled from start to finish with the dry humour that rolled off of each page.”


“Fluent, engaging, and with a well-judged balance of wit and humour set against the investigation of a mystery, Small has incorporated the best aspects of Sherlock Holmes while adding his own imaginative twist.”

Blue Book Balloon

“All in all, an engaging idea, well realised, providing a refreshingly different angle on the Great Detective.”

It’s All About the Books

“I really didn’t want it to end and I’m really looking forward to reading more.”

Donna’s Book Blog

“A quick read that is certainly very enjoyable!”

MorgEn Bailey

“As an editor, I’m a tough crowd but was soon won over… Rating: 5 out of 5”

Sean’s Book Reviews

“Rekindled the love of mysteries in me.”

The Book Magnet

"The best novella I have ever read."

Richie’s Pen Tips

“This story is sure to delight.”


Click here to read Holmes: The Darlington Substitution for free now. Yes, really, free. None of that give us your email and we'll bombard you with spam shizzle.


The Darlington Substitution Blog Tour

*** You can now buy The Darlington Substitution on Kindle or paperback ***

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