Sherlock Holmes: The Quality of Mercy...
First Edition

Sherlock Holmes: The Quality of Mercy...

First Edition

William Meikle (Writer)

"When I first set out to document the casebook of my good friend Sherlock Holmes, there were some cases I approached with a certain degree of trepidation. Holmes has a public face as a man of strict rationality, a stickler for method and observation. But Holmes himself has always been open to more extreme possibilities."
and other Short Stories

In these pages you'll find, among other things, a jade pendant that bestows great power, a fiddle that holds the key to an ancient secret, a lost overcoat that wants to return to its owner, and an encounter with an old foe that imperils the whole of Great Britain. All of them are cases that Holmes and Watson must solve, even if they have to open themselves to extreme possibilities to do so.

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First Edition


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