Primed (Outsourced Book 2)
First Edition

Primed (Outsourced Book 2)

First Edition

Eric J. Gates (Writer)

Defense Intelligence agent Bridget Mason is back!

Recently recovered from her gunshot wounds, she is assigned an 'easy' case' which turns out to be anything but.

Nic Stiles confesses what really happened in India and Phil Beasley takes a deadly decision when they find themselves threatened by the Bratva Russian Mafia.

In the second book in the 'Outsourced' series, the protagonists are thrust into a situation where lies and deceit are the norm and murders a common occurrence. Even they have secrets to hide!

And behind the scenes, the Pen is still manipulating the Destiny of all... and never quite as they wish.

" a dramatic sequel to the excellent first book in the series"

" crime fiction, it’s hard, really hard, to write one book, let alone a series, which is so refreshingly original as those which Eric J Gates has produced"

"high octane stuff and highly recommended for those who like their action and incidents coming at them thick and fast."

"With his fluent and sophisticated writing, Gates has created another fast paced high tech story that makes you think. A brilliant thriller."

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Eric J. Gates
First Edition
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