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Indipenned 2020 Short Story Competition Winner

1st April 2020

After much consideration we are proud to announce that the winner of the inaugural Indipenned Short Story Competition is Passing Through by P.J. Blakey-Novis.  We had ten entries meaning Peter wins the princely sum of £500.

The Indipenned 2020 Short Story Competition Winner

Judging a competition such as this is very subjective and we tried to make it as fair as possible. The entries were judged against a number of criteria including story craft, characters, originality and whether reading the story left you wanting more from the writer. Other entries worth of mention were The Cotton Lee Dairies Mystery by M L Duffy, The Sable Lane Catering Company by Keith Anthony Baird and When If and Then Becomes Now by Alisha.

You may disagree with our decision and so you should. Art should provoke opinion. However, as mentioned in the competition T & Cs it's final. Many thanks to all those who took part.

Click the link if you would like to read Passing Through.

Stay safe and keep writing and reading.

Team Indi

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