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Happy Indie Christmas

13th December 2018

This year has been a great one for our indie online bookstore. For those of you who aren’t aware of this world wide gem, the Independent bookshop is an online store exclusive to the works of independent writers and publishers working outside the mass-marketed mainstream. Through the course of his year there has been some great finds to add our fabulous catalogue of independent literature. If you are looking for a Christmas treat, for either yourself or a loved one, then read on, our free-minded friend, read on…

A cult classic that will have you enthralled

The Teesside Vote : Nick Guymer Series Book 142018 saw the release of the latest Nick Guymer novel by John Nicholson. The Teesside Vote is the fourteenth book of a fascinating detective thriller series that started back in 2013 with the publication of Teesside Steal. Over the intervening years the adventures of Nick, his girlfriend Julie and his best mate Jeff have gained a cult following of fans eager for the next installment in this compelling series. It’s just as well that Jonny Nick is one of our most prolific indie writers. If you want a literary treat to get your teeth into in the new year, then this one is well worth a look.

A much awaited follow up from the bestselling author of The Patmos Enigma

In the summer the fans of multi-award winning author Ken Fry were treated to the sequel to the epic historical thriller The Lazarus Succession. The Lazarus Continuum is “a pacey, intelligent and compelling read” that will have your tearing through its conspiracy stacked pages. This masterful religious thriller will pull you deeper into the mystery of The Resurrection Chronicles. If you are looking for a highly emotional suspense novel, then you can stop looking. Think Dan Brown, but much better.

Detective mystery that is far from a run of the mill police procedural

FunicularContinuing the theme of follow ups, we have the latest book from exciting new indie author TF Lince. In his eagerly awaited second book Trevor heads a few miles up the windswept coast of the North East of England from the setting of his much-loved debut novel, The Whitby Trader, a story which has piqued the interest of a film producer.

Funicular introduces us to DI Bob Dixon. After his life is threatened in London, Dixon heads north for a quiet life in Saltburn-by-the-Sea. His hope for a more sedentary lifestyle is all but extinguished when he becomes embroiled in an investigation that pushes him to the very edge of reason. Funicular is a detective mystery steeped in supernatural intrigue. If there’s a more interesting spin on a locked room mystery, then we’d like to hear about it. We’d love it even more if you grabbed yourself a copy.

Arthur Conan Doyle meets Bram Stoker meets Henry James

When it comes to the prolific publication of quality literature written outside the mainstream restrictions of the big five publishing companies, there are few that can compete with William Meikle. William’s awe-inspiring body of work was expended yet further this year by the publication of some great new titles including The Exiled, The Dunfield Terror and The Boathouse. These are all great works, however the book the really attracted our interest was one published around this time last year.

The Ghost Club centres around an informal dining club in Victorian London led by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Henry James. The price of entry for the invited guests of this mythical club is a story. The guestlist is auspicious and we are treated to newly found tales of Victorian terror from such literary geniuses as Rudyard Kipling, HG Wells and Jules Verne. It’s really William, but you get the idea.

What’s Christmas without a Stage 3 zombies apocalypse?

Stage 3: BravoKen Stark is a multi-award winning indie author. Last month saw the latest installment of his much-acclaimed Stage 3 zombie series. Stage 3: Bravo finally reveals the virus and finds it has none more trick up its sleeve.

“Would you personally be willing to sacrifice your very life if it meant saving your friends and loved ones from the same fate? What if the method of your demise involved being torn apart by a horde of ravenous zombies?”

Perhaps you need to start reading the series to provide a more informed response.

Comic genius that really isn’t for the faint of heart

What can you say about this debut from Mick Richardson. It’s hilarious, horrific and incredibly unlikely to have been published if it weren't for the artistic freedom granted to us by the wonderful world of independent literature.

The Boro Phallacy defies description. Think of it as a modern day, adults-only Pinocchio, sprinkled with the story of the unrequited love of multiple sexual inclinations. It’s also a gritty noir crime thriller type thing that’s disturbing for all the wrong reasons. It’s probably better if you just read it. It maybe even better if you don’t. Intrigued?

A hard-boiled detective fiction short story series

Tell Me That You Love Me : James Cartwright Book 1If you like your detective fiction in hard-boiled chunks, then it’s worth checking out the James Cartwright, P.I. mystery series by international mystery crime author Oliver Dean Spencer. This thrilling new series a former Detroit detective turned private invstigator is drawn into the world of corporate espionage, misdirection and murder. With all five installments published within the last year Oliver’s contribution to gritty independently-published detective noir shows no signs of slowing. Jump on board with Tell Me The You Love Me, the first in a series to date.

A singularity unique interpretation of the world’s most famous detective

Last, and quite possibly least, we have an offering from Indipenned founder Mel Small. Mel once had an idea to take the great Sherlock Holmes and moved him has far from the version of the character envisaged by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as he thought possible. 

What if Sherlock Holmes, with his dry wit and natural predilection for data, deduction and logic, had been born on Teesside and lived in present-day Middlesbrough?

Starting with Holmes: Volume 1, published a few years ago, the stories have kept on coming. Mel’s debut was followed by the cleverly titled Holmes: Volume 2 and earlier this year we had the novella length The Darlington Substitution. The latter described by one reviewer as the novella she had ever read. If you’re feeling particularly charitable this Christmas, please buy one of his books.

Have a great Christmas and an indie 2019, 

Team Indipenned


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