Professor Challenger: The Island of Terror
First Edition

Professor Challenger: The Island of Terror

First Edition

William Meikle (Writer)

Author William Meikle resurrects Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic character Professor Challenger in this fast-paced novella. The book is available in a leather-bound Deluxe Hardcover with slipcase edition which is stamped with a raptor on the front cover in red foil as well as a trade paperback edition.

Strange lights on the moors, weird noises in the night, cattle disappearing; these are more than enough to prompt Malone's newspaper to send him to investigate. And when his old companion Professor Challenger also goes missing, the hunt is on.

The trail leads Malone to the British military, and to a research station in the Bristol Channel, where an old terror proves, once again, that some things are not meant to be contained.

"This may well be a highly entertaining story, but for this story to really work, it has to stand up to being a Professor Challenger novel, otherwise there is no point in it being marketed as one. Rest assured folks Willie does a grand job in capturing the essence and spirit of what made these books a favourite of mine. If ever there was a character that Meikle was destined to resurrect then I think Professor Challenger is it." - Ginger Nuts of Horror

"Mr. Meikle continues to write outstanding stories, and Professor Challenger: The Island of Terror is no exception, it further cements his place as one of the best storytellers writing today and I highly recommend it." - FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND

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