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A Poem Written in the Stars

8th December 2017

Starry starry nightLadies and gentlemen here we are
To discuss the lifecycle of a star.
First of all,
We have a dust and gas ball.
Gravity is the force,
That brings it together of course.
Without going far,
We have a protostar.
There is a release of energy,
So the temperature rises oh so rapidly.
When it gets hot enough,
That’s when we see the interesting stuff.
We see nuclear fusion,
And come to the conclusion,
That we have a helium nuclei,
Giving out heat and light in large supply.
Do not yet yawn,
For our star is born.
The star enters a long period of stability,
Due to its ability,
To balance the gravity force
With the outward pressure from the heat source.
The star stays the same for a few million years,
Because the amount of hydrogen that appears,
The main sequence star is its name,
And lasting billions of years is its aim.
Just as it seems like we have a perfect layout,
Unfortunately, the hydrogen gas begins to run out.

Thanks to the nuclear fusion of helium,
We get the heavier elements such as ununpentium,
The star then swells into a red giant,
That is if we have a rather small client,
Or if it’s bigger,
We get a red super giant with lots of vigour.
The red giant will become unstable,
Similar to a turntable,
Ejecting its outer layer,
Similar to a reptile slayer.
This leaves behind a white dwarf,
As prominent as an endomorph.
This cools to form a black dwarf but have no fears,
It eventually disappears.
However big stars start to glow brightly again,
Undergoing more fusion and expanding like a chest pain.
Soon they explode in a supernova,
Forming elements with a mass of iron and ova.
Leaving behind a very dense core,
Known as a neutron star but what is more,
If a star is big enough,
It becomes a black hole, no bluff.
This is the life cycle of a star.
I hope it will get you very far.

By George Stevenson

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