The Final Ring : James Cartwright Book 4
First Edition

The Final Ring : James Cartwright Book 4

First Edition

Oliver Dean Spencer (Writer)

A Hard-Boiled Short Fiction Featuring James Cartwright, P.I.

… destined to be a Bestseller.

In this thrilling new series by International Mystery Crime author Oliver Dean Spencer, former Detroit detective turned P.I., James Cartwright faces his most puzzling, personal and deadly case to date.

A series of recurring nightmares have been haunting Cartwright. He’s being chased through the backstreets of an unfamiliar city, where he’s inevitably cornered and shot—point-blank by an unknown assailant. So, when he gets a call to help solve a case in Toronto, involving an ex-cop buddy of his, charged with murder, he’s hesitant—fearing that his nightmare may soon become a reality.

The Final Ring is brimming with deceit, betrayal, and corruption. The fourth short in the James Cartwright P.I. Series, it will have you on the edge of your seat, trying to solve the case alongside Cartwright—to the very end

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