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How do I get in touch with Indipenned?
How do I upload a picture to my Indipenned profile?
What is Indipenned?
What is a Creator?

Writers / Creators / Sellers / Suppliers

Can I list my book if they are only sold on Amazon KDP?
Can I list my books on Indipenned?
Do you list a non-fiction books?
How and when do I get paid for selling my books?
How do I list my books on Indipenned?
How much does it cost to sell by books on Indipenned?
How do I post short stories, blog postings etc?

Readers / Buyers

How do I keep up to date with what's going on at Indipenned?
How do I return a book?

Indipenned can be contacted in the first instance via the contact form on this website.

Instructions on how to upload a photograph can be found in the Uploading Your Profile Picture knowledge article.

Indipenned is an online community for the lovers of independent literature. For too long the big publishing houses have used their marketing machines houses to decided what we should be reading. Indipenned aims to change that and shift the focus to imaginative, well-written books.

A Creator is the name we give to those involved in the production of independent literature. This can be an author or writer, but may also people such as beta readers, editors, cover designers, publishers or even sponsors who have contributed to a books production financially.

Yes. Books, audiobooks and Kindle ebooks sold on Amazon can also be listed on Indipenned. To do this include an ASIN in the Book Product Details. A link to your book on Amazon will then be included within it's listing on Indipenned.

Indipenned welcomes the work independent writers with open arms. If you have a great book to share register now.

Of course. We welcome all good independently-published books and appreciate that imagination is not the exclusive to fiction. If we currently don't feature a genre for your book, please contact us and we will look to add one.

Earnings from book sales are paid a fixed period after the dispatch date. For further details refer to the Buying and Selling Terms and Conditions.

To list books on Indipenned you need to upgrade to Creator membership. To do this click here and provide a few more details. Once your application has been approved we will guide you through the book listing process.

The Indipenned platform fee is calculated as the greater of 20% of the books sale price or 15% of the sum of a book's sale price and postage.

The process for submitting short stories, blog postings etc. is as follows:

1) Sign in. (You should be taken to your home page where your books are listed.  If not navigate Your Indipenned > You > Your Home)
2) Click the "Your Posts" tab.
3) Select the type of posting you wish to make in the drop down box to the top right of the page. (Blog/News/Knowledge/Short Story)
4) Click Create.
5) Enter your content. (It's probably best to prepare it off line and paste it in)
6) Click Save.
7) When you are happy with what you have written, click Publish.

It's exciting times at Indipenned and we will be evolving to become the destination of choice for look lovers. We would really like for you to join us our journey. If you fancy the ride please let us keep in touch via our newsletter. Alternatively, we will be posting regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In the unlikely event you with to return a book please contact us using the contact form. Note your wish to return a book must be communicated with 30 days of its dispatch date and the book must be returned in the condition you received it.