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❤ Damian Lord liked The Future of Publishing Begins Here on 24th October 2017

❤ Awesome!
Big Sherlock fan so this could have been a let-down BUT it's awesome! A great, modern twist on the Conan Doyle characters. Well developed characters you can't help but love with some cracking mysteries to solve - fantastic read!
By Damian Lord about Holmes Volume 1:Enigma, Detective, Boro Lad on 2nd July 2017

❤ Awesome Vol.2!
Boro' Holmes is back and better than ever! More great adventures for the updated Holmes and Watson. Even better than Vol.1. Both the stories and characters have evolved beyond their Conan Doyle blueprint and into some more unique. Another fantastic read that leaves you wanting more!!
By Damian Lord about Holmes Volume 2:Return of Boros Greatest Detective on 2nd July 2017

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